Primary Address & Contact:

Robert LaBonte
102 S Duncan Road
Champaign IL  61822
Tel:  217-355-7411


At CDG, we believe in doing right by people. We take great pride in being responsive to our customers and assisting them with knowledge, technology and timely service. But more than simply responding to existing needs, we do our best to anticipate emerging ones.

Our Experience

  • We've performed Telephone billing since 1970.
  • We've billed CABS since Day One! CDG CABS produced the first invoice received by AT&T on behalf of Alltel in January, 1984.
  • We meet the most current CABS Billing Output Specifications (C/BOS) standards and have been C/BOS compliant since 1987.
  • We process messages in all 50 states and produce telecommunications billing to 45 clients nationwide.
  • Our 90+ CABS clients represent the largest national carriers, established and emerging CLECs, and traditional ILECs.
  • We produce modern web-based billing with features to satisfy e-billing commerce, as well as embellished reporting and dashboards.