Bill Barnes Award Recipients

The Bill Barnes Award was established in 1988.  This award is given each year to individual(s) dedicated to the enrichment of the telephone industry's provessional knowledge for the Advancement of customers' welfare, participation in honest telecommunications enterprises, commitment of service before profit, to public welfare above all other considerations, and for the divine guidance in professional competency, initiative, leadership, mature sound judgment, and in all endeavors.

1988   Frank Morrison, Southwestern Bell Telephone Company
1989   Cecil Elliott, Panhandle Telephone Cooperative Inc.
1990   Allowe Hand, Beggs Telephone Company
1991   Roye E. Gauntt, Chickasaw Telephone Company
1992   V. David Miller, Cross Telephone Company
1993   Jewel B. Callaham, Pine Telephone Company
1994   William H. "Billy" Stanley Jr., KanOkla Telephone Company
1995   Johnnie Ruhl, Pioneer Telephone Cooperative Inc.
1996   Don Strube, Oklahoma Communications Systems Inc.
1997   W.O. "Bill" Young, Cherokee Telephone Company
1998   Gary Kennedy, Panhandle Telephone Cooperative Inc.
1999   Leroy "Dutch" Guest, Central Oklahoma Telephone Company
2001   Jesse R. Gailey, Totah Telephone Company
2002   J.R. Carter, Chouteau Telephone Company
2003   Jim Williams, Alltel, Inc.
2004   Bob Stafford, Southwestern Bell Telephone Company
2005   E.D. "Bud" Raus, Atlas Telephone Company
2006   Margaret and Zeine Goatcher, Cimarron Telephone Company
2007   Donald Heitschmidt,  Panhandle Telephone Cooperative Inc
2008   J.B. "Sonny" Bright, Chickasaw Telephone Company
2009   Gary M. Jay, Salina-Spavinaw Telephone Company
2010   Jack Hester, Chickasaw Telephone Company
2011   Carolyn O'Hair, Sartain Fischbein & Co.
2012   Charles O. Smith, Canadian Valley Telephone Company
2013   Monte R. Lee, Monte R. Lee & Company
2014   Ron Strecker, Panhandle Telephone Cooperative Inc.
2015   Ron Comingdeer, Ron Comingdeer & Associates
2016   Pauline Van Horn, Oklahoma Western Telephone Company
2017   Greg Aldridge, KanOkla Networks
2018   Bob Rozell, BTC Broadband
2019  Lyn Johnson, Carnegie Telephone Company